To Start working with Webee 

1. remove the menu demonstration (except the Home, but you can remane it)
2. create and choose among different type of pages. The title of new page will be the website menu 
3. organize the placement of menu by dragging its titles with the mouse

4. to buy site, visit the manual page "how to buy"  - click here.
5. to manage the website access statistics go to this page "access to your statistics" - click here.
6. to control the e-mail services with webmail go to "access to your webmail" - click here.
7. to configure the e-mail boxes with e-mail programs you can visit the page "configure your e-mail boxes" - click here.

For all info call to (+39) 0923 952636

or go to the site, click on "Call me Service"" enter your phone number, our staff will call you and one operator be willing to help you.