How to sign in to the Webmail 

To enter into your webmail panel you have 3 modes:

1. from your site
2. from webee website
3. typing in browser box the address:

1. from your site (you need to login to your site. In the drop-down window there will be a link that take you to  your webmail)

2. from your Webee website. Go to and click on "reserved area" on the top right.

after clicking on "login",the system allows you to enter your login credentials::

username: your mail (the one you use to sign in to your site)
password: your password (
the one you use to sign in to your site)

Now from your Account click on SITES PURCHASED, so you can enter to your webmail.


3. typing in browser box the address:

as the example below shows, type in your PC browserthe address www. the name of your domain followed by the exact extes (.it, .com, .eu, .biz) 


To enter to webmail you need to LOGIN, entering email and password. 

the password is the one you received previously during your registration 




What is the Webmail 

Using the Webmail service you can manage folders via Internet, without using the e-mail programm.

After you login, a screeshot (as the image below) will appear you. There will be a folder "Inbox" in the foreground and the other folder below (e.g. Trash-recycle bin).


Some of the webmail funtions (icons):

Check new post
Write new message
Reply all
Delete the message
Mark the message (as read/as unread)


It allows to manage and delete the mail or to active thenew one.
It allows to download the mail
It allows to manage the address book of the Webmail
You can customize the box settings
Exit from Webmail (loguot)


Gestione Webmail 

Clicking on “Manage the email” you can modifi the boxes setting or add new accounts. As below, the mail admin panel will appear:

From the panel you can manage:

  • the security levels of ANTIVIRUS and ANTISPAM. If the parameters are so much restrictive there will be difficulty in receiveng the mail. For example some server can be subscribed in black list of web security. 
  • the ALIAS. Alias is an alternative name for the mailbox. You can use it if you want more mail address that correspond to a folder.
  • the PASSWORD for each account. Please remenber to use alphanumeric password, no simple, for your security.
  • the cancellation of an account.
To add a new account you have to cliclk on button:

A screenshot will appear. In New Mail box you can write ONLY the la part before @. The demain will be insert by system automatically. 

IMPORTANT: We recommend the use of alphanumeric password, formed by:

at least 8 characters
at least 1 lowercase character
at least 1 upper case character
at least1 number
at least1 special characters among . ! - _ ? * %
do not write3 times the same  characterlo stesso carattere (example.: aaaA9!d_ )

to avoid SPAM problems and to allow the normal funtionality of the folder. 

Optimize the space of boxes 

IMPORTANT: If there are sending/reception mail problem or an errror message will appear you, for example: ...maildir delivery failed: Sorry, the user's  maildir has overdrawn his diskspace quota, please try again later
it is a problem of box space, so we recommed you to Optimize and manage the space of mail box. Proceed as follows:
1. Select “Trash” folder.

2. Select all mail in trash 

3. click on this symbol With this operation you will empty the trash and you can reclaim the space of the server.


With this procedure you will complete the space recovery.