• Choice of e-commerce currency.
  • Statistics of users, loaded products, sold products, orders.
  • Ability to view more sold products, the last placed, products featured and the quantity of each product in stock.
  • Search product Box 
  • Customize the user email after an order  


  • Unlimited categories with hierarchical levels. You can create categories and sub categories.
  • Unlimited products with the possibility to view the showcase products. You can write its name, insert a description and a code, the price, category, attachment, image, keywords, quantity in stock. You can also decrease or no the amount after an order and assign to the products a different VAT rate. If you want you can enter discounts, indicate the weight in pounds, decide the maximum purchase per order. 
  • Detailed dispaly of product.


  • Unlimited mode of taxes (VAT), allowing to create different levels of VAT (4%, 10%, 21%...) dependig of sold products. 

COUPON (Discount vouchers)

  • The possibility to activate unlimited percentage discount or as monetary amount to be applied total order.
  • Managing of discounts deadlines.
  • Managing of coupons according to the minimun amount of the order. 


  • Browsing and finding orders with filters.
  • Updating the status of the order and inserting any tracking number.
  • Online Registration for the purchase with the possibility of insertion of two different addresses (invoicing / shipping). Once registered you do not need to re-enter their own data to other future orders.
  • Shopping cart with realtime update, delete, or edit with added products.
  • Ability to print orders reports

PAYMENTS (Bank transfer or credit card)

  • Payment Method "Paypal”
  • Ability to enable or disable payment method according to amount of the order.
  • Possibility to add an additional cost for each method as a percentage (according to the order) or in currency.


  • Unlimited shipping method.
  • Ability to enable or disable shipping method according to the total weight of the order.
  • Possibility to add an additional cost for each method.
  • The customer will make the shipment within 48 hours of receipt of order. 
Ecommerce Admin Panel     

The Ecommerce Admin Panel will appear as the image below shows: 

This screenshot will permit you to modify the Ecommerce general options, specifically: 



  • Deciding the currency to use for your ecommerce (euro, dollar, pound, yen, ruble, swiss franc).
  • Assigning the name to your online shop.
  • Insering a prefix code to the purchase orders you will receive. 
  • Insering a introductory text to the ecommerce homepage .
    (After setting the text into editor, you need to select "Back to general options" and click on  "Save")
  • Enabling/disabling the system to automatically send to costumers a purchase order summery.
  • Enabling/disablig the products "search" box.
  • Deciding the position of cart button (left or right).
  • Consulting the amount of products in stock (product availability).
  • Showing the featured product on ecommerce homepage.
  • Displaying the best-selling products and the last (or new in) products.
  • Showing a report on users, loaded product, purchased products and orders. 



As the image shows, you can create illimitate category and subcategory. You can drag them where you desire (drag & drop).
For each category, you can can assign an image, aPer ogni categoria puoi attribuire un'immagine,a code and a name. You can also write a text in witch you describe the products.

If you want create a new category, you have to insert the category name and click on "Add category". Once created it, click on the newly created category.

After entering the informations, if you want to confirm the category click on "Online" and them on "Save changes".

If you want to see the product list you need to click on "View products".

This image shows you how you can display the upload products on your Online shop.
In the list you will find all products information: the code product, the category, the name product, the avaible products in stock, the price, avaible discount or special offert. Two images (a star and a circle) indicate you if product will be set into showcase and the online or offline status of products. 

On the top page you can use filrters to search a product. 

If you want to upload a new product, you need to click on "Add bew product". Once clicking it, you will see a screenshot (as in the image below).

To add details about product, click on "Add text".

To save the data, click on "Add".

If you want to modify or delete a product, click on the product name.

A screenshoot will appear you. In this panel you can put all info.


In this part we are going to see how to manage all payments method.

You cannot delete the "PayPal" method. If you not use this option you need to put the "OFFLINE" status.

To create a new Payment method (e.g. Bank Transfer), click on "Add new payment". On the left a form will appers you. You have to fill it with info below:

  • Name (Type the display name of the payment method).
  • Code (Type a code about the payment method).
  • Account (It is extended only to PayPal payment method, so you have to put your Paypal email).
  • Imagine (Upload an image for each payment method).
  • Cost (Insert an addictional cost. You can choose between a fixed cost, for example 2€, or a cost according to the total amount of the order).
  • Amount option (You can choose to limit the use payment method according to the amount of the order with a minimun and maximun range).
  • Payment info (IWrite a text in witch you explain the payment method. It is appropriate to insert Bank code for "Bank transfer method").

To introduce the payment method you have to click on "Save".

If you want to modify or delete any payment method (except Paypal you cannot delete), you need to click on the left list and save changes or delete the payment method.



In this part we are going to see how to manage the shipping method.

To create a new shipping method (e.g. Poste Italiane), click on "Add New shipping". On the right a form will appear to you. You have to fill it with info, for example:


  • Status (Switch on or off the shipping method).
  • Name (Set the shipping method name).
  • Code (Introduce your code according to each method).
  • Image (Upload an image to kwon the method).
  • Cost (Introduce a supplement to the shipping method).
  • Weight Limits  (You can decide to controll the use of shipping method according to the order weight. You can fix a maximun and minimun weight).
  • Shipping info (Write a text in witch you offer details about shipping method. This is useful to give information to the costumer and to communicate any info).

Click "save" to confirm the shipping method.

If you want to modify or delete any shipping method you need to click on the left list and save changes or delete the shipping method.




In this part we are going to see how to manage the tax rules:

To create a new tax (e.g. aliquota Iva 10%), click on "Add new tax". On the left a form will appear you. You have to fill it with info, for example:


  • Status (You decide to use the tax to apply to the products).
  • Name (Set the tax name, e.g. "Iva 10%").
  • Description (Enter a short description).
  • Value (Enter a value from 0 to 100 without the symbol "%").

Click "Save" to confirm the tax.

If you want to modify or delete any tax you need to click on the left list and save changes or delete the tax.



In this part we are going to see how to manage coupon or discount coupon. These will be help you make your ecommerce promotions. 

To create a new coupon click on "Add New coupon". On the right a form will appear to you. You have to fill it with info, for example:


  • Status (Change the status of the coupon. Enable/Disable= On/Off).
  • Discount code (Enter a code. Costumers will apply it before completing the order).
  • Name (Apply a name to your coupon).
  • Description (Enter a short coupon description).
  • Value (Enter the value or the percentage.It will be subtracted from the total).
  • Valid (Enter the coupon expiry date)
  • Minimun amount (Enter a minimun amount to use the coupon).

Click "save" to enter the coupon..

If you want to modify or delete any coupon you need to click on the left list and save changes or delete the coupon/discount.



In this page you can see all orders of the costumers. You can also search the orders by filters:

This list shows the details of your orders:

  • Date (Insert the date of purchase).
  • Code (Show the order code. If you click on it you can see order details).
  • Costumer (Show the customer name).
  • Total (Show the amount of order the order. It will RED if customer has not paid yet. GREEN se if the customer has paid).
  • Payment (Show the payment method select by customer).
  • Status (Show the order status: in progress, delivered, canceled, refunded, etc.).
  • Icon 1 (After clicking on Icon 1, you can see order details. You can modify its staus).
  • Icona 2 (After clicking on Icon 2 you can print the receipt).

If you want more details you need to click on icons or on order code.

Once clicking on order code, a table will appear:

In this tab you can find the info about purchased products (order code, product name, quantity, price).
On the left there will be 5 tables with product details to manage an order:



Order Detail Invoice

The order details table desribe the customer name, order number, creation date, last modification, IP custumer, print order and the amount of orders and possible supplements.

The invoice table contains the customer payment method, invoice address and phone number.
Shipping Note
The shipping table contains the customer shipping method and shipping address( It can be different from invoice address).
The Note table contains a text. A customer can write it before confirming the order. It is useful when the customer want to indicate any product charactestic.
Order Status  
The "Order Status" allows you to update the payment status, to enter the tracking number. The customer find it in his orders panel.You can see also the different order status, for example:
  • Processing (The order is at initial statusiene creato l'ordine).
  • spending (It means a preparation status. After there is the products verification and the if paymentet was confirmed).
  • Payment Failure (The system found problems).
  • Delivered (Everything in your order has been packaged and correctly send. If the system requests the tracking number, enter it).
  • Refunded (The paymend was refunded to customer owing to imcomplete the order).
  • Cancelled  (Both customer and seller decide to cancel the order).
  • Completed (the full order is arrived to destination).