Widget Adimin Panel                    

The widget is a graphic element. Its purpose is to make easy to user the interacion with the site.

You can choose to show or hide every widget or only some of them. You can organize them on the left side or on the right, as you desire. 

You personalise them according to your requirement, your city weather delle tua città, your twitter accounts, flick, etc.

Widget settings


  • Rss url: It It manage the display of FEED RSS, it represent the website news. If you want to view the news you have to copy the FEED RSS link you have choose (with right mouse button click on your feed icon. From drop-down menu click on 'copy link address).
  • Flickr id:  It allows you to display the last photo you have uploaded on your Flickr account. So you have to insert your Flickr ID. If you don't know it, you click on 'help id' in Widget Page. You can replace "username" (http://www.flickr.com/photos/username/) with your own username and click Find. It will give you back your Id.
  • Youtube code: It allows you to upload a Youtube video. Insert the YouTube url.(es: http://youtu.be/BwTFJIniyN8), now you can click on "share".
  • Weather: It allows you to put the weather news into the website .
  • Weather (ilmeteo.it): It allows you to insert the new of any cities.
  • Menù: It allows you to display the submenu of the page.  

For each widget you can make ONLINE (visible) or OFFLINE (invisible)

At any time you can put a widget, then you have to click on SAVE WIDGET. In the image you can see only some widgets. If you want to see all of them you have to scroll the page. 

Displaying and positioning of widget.

After fixing the general characteristics as described above,you can install the widgets where you want (on the left or on the right). If you decide to not put them, the page will be constitute only by text. 

To produce this option you select Widget Options. In "Page you can create" section you will found all info about this funtion.